Coffee Table FCT-55

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Why should you buy our coffee table?

This design coffee table has been crafted with materials of the finest quality.
The exciting mix of various materials (metal and glass) transforms this piece of artwork into a modern coffee table that nobody should miss in the living room.
The smooth glass top comes with 8 mm strength to ensure high weight carrying capacity.

The coffee table with storage stools was an original piece of furniture, it is important that it fits into the overall style of the room, adding to it the beauty and sophistication.

Despite the fact that many consider this piece of furniture only design decoration, however, it can be very functional and, anyway, will come in handy in different situations. For example, exactly for the coffee table with four stools, you will be able to meet the guests, to work with a computer or put on its beautiful vase with flowers, favorite glossy magazines. In general, it is possible to store all the necessary things. By the way, they can also be placed in tiers of shelves or tables, if any.

And in addition, the presence of stools allows always meet a lot of guests, which is convenient and pleasant to spend time with a cup of warm tea. Besides to its practicality coffee table has an aesthetic function. Firstly, it creates comfort in the room. Secondly, due to its small size, it can be put in absolutely every corner of the room.

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We guarantee high quality and long endurance for all parts. The assembly is quick and easy.
All of this will be delivered with an unbeatable value for money!

Package content:
1. Coffee table with 4 Pcs Stool
2. Installation instructions & fittings

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