Pull out body slimmer Vibration plate




Get in to shape with the new 2020 vibrating plate with advanced swing oscillating motion. Burn you calories, fat, improve your muscle and flexibility, wight loss, improve blood circulation, stay healthy and in shape. This is a perfect vibrating plate and simple to use for beginners and professionals. This model can be easily stored under your bed. It comes with a built in pull out handle for easy maneuverability
20 Speed settings with light indication
Comes with 2 x FREE power handle cords
Comes with a remote control for ease of use while standing
Comes with remote control holder compartment for remote storage
Comes with retractable pull out handle and back wheels for easy maneuverability
Automatic training programme for workout
Large foot plate surface for standing or sitting on
Very good grip to maintain stability while standing
Advanced Oscillating motion
Advanced swing direction up/down at an angle
Available in Silver, Red and White
Colour matching control panel
LCD Display

Technical Details
Peak Power 1000W
12mm amplitude swing
High quality motor for a smooth feel
Maximum user weight: 120kg
Product Weight: 20kg

Width: 60cm
Depth: 45cm
Height: 23cm


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