Exercise Bike Flywheel Fitness Indoor Workout Machine


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Exercise Bike you can help you burn calories, improve your general conditioning and cardiovascular fitness, and tone lower body muscles. Its belt-driven flywheel lets you experience a smooth ride. You can manually adjust control wheel resistance using the knob. This Exercise is available in two options 6KG flywheel and 8KG flywheel.

Our Exercise bike features a display which shows distance, time, calories and speed. And to make the bike riding experience more realistic it comes with a cycling water bottle. Our Exercise bike will give you a real bike ride experience while staying at home. If you are missing outdoor bike riding due to any reason this Bike is what you need.


Product features:

Flywheel options 6KG and 8KG.

An improved belt drive mechanism for a quiet and smooth workout.

Adjustable handle and seat.

It features a control knob which controls the intensity of your pace and to apply the brake just press knob.

Adjustable resistance so that you can increase or decrease workout intensity according to your requirement.

Adjustable handlebars and adjustable seat height.

A display to shows distance, calorie, time, and speed.


Product specification:


Padded comfort seat for extended training sessions – seat adjustable in height and position.

Adjustable size:

Handlebar for extended training in aero position – height adjustment for the handlebar.


Product Dimensions and Weight:

N.W. /G.W.: 23.2/26.3 KGS

Product size: 103x50x112cm


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